• Sonare Coeli

    In Latin, Sonare Coeli means "To Make Sound in Heaven". In short, our name eloquently sums up our entire missions statement. It is our goal to provide stereo equipment that does precisely what the name implies.Here at Sonare Coeli, we will always strive to provide the utmost listening experience for our clients to experience in their homes.

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  • Rogoz Audio Racks

    Rogoz Audio @ Sonare Coeli NOW!.

    Rogoz Audio


    @ Sonare Coeli NOW!.

    Purist Audio Design


    VEGA, the next generation digital audio processor.



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  • New Valve Order SPA II MK2 Phono Stage

    The amazing New Valve Order SPA II MK2 Phono Stage.

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  • Artisan Fidelity SchopperThorens TD 124

    The Stunning Artisan Fidelity Schopper Thorens TD 124.

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  • Aerial Acoustics Model 7T

    The exceptional ability of the Model 7T surpasses the competence of conventional systems through its exacting design and the high quality of its enclosures, networks, and drivers.

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  • Keith Monk's Discovery One Record Cleaner

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  • Triangle Arts Signature Turntable

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  • Audeze LCD 3 Headphone

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Now available at Sonare Coeli, EAT Turntables

Sonare Coeli is proud to offer the remarkable EAT Turntables including the amazing C-Sharp featured in this months The Absolute Sound

Now available at Sonare Coeli, the amazing new Auralic Vega DAC | Aries

VEGA, the next generation digital audio processor, is developed with the goal of 'seeking for non-compromised sound'. With plenty of I/O ports and powerful function, it will become the kernel component of your high-end stereo system. See the latest Stereophile Review (copy and paste the following link) http://www.stereophile.com/content/auralic-vega-da-processor

See the latest Aries review: (copy and paste the following link) http://www.computeraudiophile.com/content/598-auralic-aries-so-far/

The Absolute Sound and HiFi Pig Review the Audeze LCD-X and LCD-XC

Read the Audeze LCD-XC Review : https://www.audeze.com/sites/default/files/hifi_pig_xc.pdf

Read the Audeze LCD-X Review: https://www.audeze.com/sites/default/files/tas_rev_x.pdf