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Oracle Audio Technologies.

In 1942, Igor Fedorovich Stravinsky wrote in his masterly work entitled Poétique Musicale that " it's not sufficient to hear music but one should also see it ". These words so full of truthfulness are the very soul of our philosophy: to reproduce the sound quality in order to transmit as authentically as possible the emotions, the vitality which music inspires within us ; to give it free rein so that it may portray within each and everyone a remarkable portrait of a thousand and one colors. Our firm's name throws a light on its importance since in the word " Oracle" we find etymologically the Greek particle "oraw" which means "see". Our wish is to extol the entire musical power of a Frederic Chopin of an Elgar Holst and to allow oneself to be exulted by an art so essential to human existence. Oracle Audio Technologies works to that effect ; to give the heart and the mind palpable and incomparable sound quality. .

Since 1979, Oracle Audio has been satisfying a passionate desire of thousands of audiophiles in the world. Each year, the number of collaborators joining our big family increases remarkably. International recognition motivates our firm to develop avant-gardist products which constantly redefine our technological limits all the while maintaining an aestheticism worthy of the most famous melodies. World-wide success is attributable to team dedication and to the trust of audiophiles have towards Oracle Audio. These two authorities show mankind's love of music, but is also a good example of the will power of all to be over meticulous with the sound. Oracle Audio has taken time to look back through the years but also to examine the horizon. Oracle Audio Technologies.