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Sonare Coeli Delafield Wisconsin High End Audio Analog and Electronics

Sonare Coeli - Cube Audio Speakers

Cube Audio Jazzon - The best full range loudspeakers.
Enjoy the most natural, live and emotional sound at home

Cube speakers are all about the magic of the solo driver. Several years of constant development have resulted in the most advanced full-range speakers on the market.

Because the F10 Select driver itself has amazing tonal balance, there's no crossover in the signal path to degrade the sound. The fullrange driver is directly connected to the amplifier and reveals all the nuances of sound.

The result is perfect coherence, directness, exceptional micro- and macrodynamics, lifelike voices and an unmatched soundstage.

The highest sound quality is complemented by a minimalist design and beautiful high-gloss and satin lacquer and wood finishes.


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