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Sonare Coeli Delafield Wisconsin High End Audio Analog and Electronics

Sonare Coeli Dealer for Phasemation

"Phasemation" is the hi-fi audio brand of Kyodo Denshi Engineering Co., Ltd.
(Previous "PhaseTech" brand of our company was changed to "Phasemation".)

"Phasemation" is a word created by combining "Phase" and "Information".
Fundamentals of hi-fi audio is to reproduce live music stage by left and right two channels sound. To attain that goal, the phase characteristics between the channels are very important, and that is why we created our brand.

The technological root of our company is to develop and manufacture electronic
measurement instruments. We are an engineering company in pursuit of development for full automation autonomous driving technology, using our core
technology. Therefore, we are in a position to be able to utilize our most advanced technology for development and manufacturing of exquisite hi-fi audio equipment where accurate phase characteristics are required.


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